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Costs of a Home Improvement Loan
A home improvement loan or equity loan is like any other product, you'll need to know all the costs involved in obtaining the product. For example, banking fees, mortgage intitution fees, filing fees, closing costs (if applicable) and so on. Don't be afraid to negotiate these fees. Negotiating may save you thousands of dollars.
Take equity out of your home, and use the cash for your home improvement needs!

Be sure to get information about your loan. Below are a few things to understand:

Before obtaining a loan:

  • Be firmiliar with the loan type your interested in obtaining.

  • Know how much of a payment you can afford.

  • Find out all the costs involved in the loan.

  • Knowing the monthly payment amount you can afford.

  • Know the current interest rate.

While obtaining a loan:

  • Ask your prospective lender or broker for a list of its current interest rates.

  • Ask whether the rate is fixed or adjustable.

  • Ask if the rate quoted is for an adjustable-rate loan.

  • Ask how your rate and loan payment will vary.

  • Ask about loan points; points are fees paid to the lender or broker for the loan.

  • Check around for information on current rates and points being offered in your area.

  • Ask they give you an estimate of all fees involved.

  • Negotiate these fees.

  • Ask about the lender's requirements for equity.

  • Ask what you need to do to verify equity in your home.

  • Ask about special programs they may offer.

  • Ask how much your new monthly payment will be.

After obtaining a loan:

  • If your planning to do the work yourself, then roll up your sleeves and get to it! Now's the time for hard work and results!

  • If your planning to do hire the work out, then call a contractor or tradesman, more info!

  • And last but not least! Sit back and enjoy the new look of you home!

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After your project is finished
By now you are enjoying the benefits of an additional room, new décor, etc.. But if you’ve financed the project you may be wondering how you are going to replenish or pay off that source. During the period of construction, you’ve been building equity in your home in two ways; one way is by continuing to pay off your existing mortgage, the other way is by adding value to your home through remodeling. You can use this added equity to apply for an equity loan or refinance.

While reworking your current mortgage, you could obtain cash for your remodeling project as well as:

  • Consolidate your debt

  • Obtain a lower-rate loan

  • Possibly obtain a tax-deductible loan

  • Reduce your monthly mortgage payments.

  • Free up money for more home improvements

  • Have funds for investmenting

  • Have funds for a savings account

    Take equity out of your home, and use the cash for your home improvement needs!

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